Since offering its first transformer in 1963, SAE Power has become a major designer and manufacturer
of hi-performance magnetic components supplying OEM’s in the Computer, Computer Peripheral, Telecommunication, Industrial & Automotive, Medical Instrumentation and Test & Measurement electronic marketplaces.

At SAE Power, we strive to deliver the most precise magnetics in the industry to fit your individual needs,
no matter how demanding your technical specifications. Our worldwide procurement expertise and
manufacturing excellence assure our customers that their product will be delivered on time, every time.

SAE Power offers:
* Flexible manufacturing capabilities, and is responsive to customer needs
* Technical expertise to assist with design parameters
* Quick turnaround time
* Complete turnkey, parts purchasing, PCB stuffing and wave soldering of thru-hole components
* Quality built in at every level of the process

* BSAT, qualified core permeability and loses
* RoHS compliancy
* Frequencies from 50Hz to 500Khz
* Temperature Classes A to N
* Class B, 130C material as a minimum
* Bobbins are UL94-V2 or better
* Custom transformers (including planars), inductors and chokes
* SMT and Thru-Hole products

Inductor – Powdered Iron Cores
* Nickel Iron Cores
* MPP or NI Cores
* SMT or Thru-hole

Choke – Power (50/60Hz laminated steel core)
* Common & Differential Mode
* Solenoidal
* Bobbin
* SMT or Thru-hole

Xfmr – Power (50/60Hz laminated steel core) – Audio – Ferro Resonant
* 3-Phase
* Hi-Voltage
* Planar
* SMT or Thru-hole

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