SAE Power is a major designer and manufacturer of highly reliable, high performance EMI/RFI Power Line FIlters for computer, industrial, telecom and medical applications. For two decades, We have worked closely with customers, designing solutions for difficult conducted EMI/RFI noise problems.


Series Rating Description
GA 1-30 Amps General Application
SPGA 3-10 Amps Super Performance, General Application
HP 1-30 Amps High Attenuation for Low Impedance Loads
STG 1-6 Amps Switching Transient (Low Frequency)
STE 1-10 Amps Reduces Equipment Interference (VDE 0871 /0875)
ST 3-30 Amps Switching Transients
STQ 3-6 Amps Switching Transients Down to 10kHz

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