Main engineering efforts for all of our commodities are conducted from our Toronto location, with additional engineering services in Hong Kong and throughout North America. Our Engineering team has over 30 years of experience developing technologically advanced cost-effective power solutions for our OEM partners. The sophistication of the design tools we use allows us to ensure a robust quality solution while meeting aggressive time schedules. The use of proven topologies, automated simulation, thermal and 3D modeling tools ensures our delivery of specification compliant prototypes. Our comprehensive engineering design process helps eliminate multiple board spins, reduces design risk, and shortens development time. All of this translates into faster Time to Market for our customers.

SAE Engineering strengths include:

• Zero Voltage & Current Switching topologies
• Quasi/Full Resonant technologies
• Synchronous Rectification
• Intelligent interface protocols (i.e. I2C, RS232, RS485)
• Low noise technologies
• High Density packaging
• AC or DC dual input requirements
• N+1, Hot Swap Redundancy
• Constant Current
• High Efficiency
• High Reliability/Ruggedized Environments

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