SAE Power has a broad line of high reliability, feature-rich switch mode power supplies. Both AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies are available in power ranges from 100 watts to 2,200 watts. With nearly 30 years of experience, SAE has a large collection of standard and custom power supply models. Many of these models have field-demonstrated reliability of more than 1,500,000 hours MTBF.



Since offering its first transformer in 1963, SAE Power has continued expanding the product line to offer a full range of custom magnetic products and services from initial design to final production. SAE Power has gained a reputation for producing quality devices in high volumes while maintaining cost effectiveness.



SAE Power is a major designer and manufacturer of high reliability, high performance EMI/RFI power line filters for computer, industrial, medical and telecommunication applications. Since the early 1970’s, SAE engineers have worked closely with customers designing solutions for difficult EMI/RFI noise problems. A complete line of standard single and three phase filters in current ranges from 1 to 60 amps is available. Also available are a multitude of custom mechanical and electrical versions – all with full international safety certifications.



SAE Power can help technology driven companies remain focused on their market and technology by supplying a full range of manufacturing services that include a full range of engineering and design support, materials management, product testing, complete final system assembly and most of all, a dedicated commitment to excellence for our customer at all levels of our business.

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