SAE Power a major designer and manufacturer of power products is committed to providing our customers with the most cost effective on-time solutions for their product demands. SAE Power offers our customers global manufacturing services with operations located in N. America and Asia. SAE’s expertise in leading edge technology, combined with our quality and supply chain management allows for end-to-end manufacturing solutions that give our customers the competitive edge required in today’s marketplace.

– Design, Manufacturing & Engineering Services
– RoHS Compliancy
– 8 thru-hole insertion lines
– 4 wave solder lines
– Conformal Coating Capabilities
– 2 SMT placement lines
– Auto thru-hole capabilities
– Full Turnkey Services
– 1 week turnaround for proto-types
– Build-to-Order and Drop-Ship capabilities
– Warranty and Repair Service

Mechanical Assembly
– Subassembly Construction
– Complete Product Assembly
– Chassis
– Instruments
– Magnetic Component Assembly

– Manufacturing facilities in N. America and Asia
– N. American facility employs Fuji NXT equipment
– 50,000sq.ft of manufacturing in N. America facility
– 68,800sq.ft of manufacturing in our Asia facility
– Automated epoxy and paste dispensing system
– Burn-in and temperature cycling rooms/chambers
– Auto test, RF test capabilities and ICT
– Secured/bonded areas for inventory
– Climate controlled environment
– Fire and Theft protected facilities

– Integrated Production Control Software… Fuji FLEXA
– Chip Placement Machines… Fuji NXT, Fuji CP42
– IC’s Placement Machine… Fuji IP2-4000
– Glue Dispenser Machine… Fuji GL2-4000
– Screen Printer Machine… DEK GSX, Fuji GSP-II
– Reflow Ovens… (2) Conceptronics HVC102
– IN-Line Aqueous Wash… GPD Power Wash PC-6,
Electrovert 515
– Wave Solder Machines… (2) Electrovert Econopak,
(2) Kince KWA-350 Super EP

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