SAE Power offers standard high reliability, feature-rich AC/DC or DC/DC power supplies. These products are
available in power ranges from 25W to 16.8KW. With over 30 years of experience, you can rest assured that
these models will offer you a high quality, cost-effective solution for your power needs. As with our custom
solutions, many of these models have field-demonstrated reliability of more than 1,500,000 hours.

SAE’s new 1U/3U Power System Series represents the next generation in medium to large power solutions.
These self-cooled 19″ or 23″ sub-racks in either 1U or 3U high profiles are highly reliable front ends for
distributed and battery backed systems. Power modules are available from 800W to 2100W for a total power availability of 16.8KW. It comes with an I2C Serial Data Bus, an Aux output, and control/ monitoring signals.
Our system meets IPMI Signal/Control requirements and is compliant with SSI PSM (Power Supply
Management) interface standard. This system provides the flexibility and scalability that companies need
in order to meet their market demands.


Follow the links below for details about our power supply products:

1U High Hot-Swap / Redundant Power Supply Modules (800-2100 Watts)

1U High Hot-Swap / Redundant Power Shelves (2400-6300 Watts)

General Purpose AC/DC Power Supplies (230-600 Watts)

Custom Power Supply Design & Manufacturing Services

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